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Duck evening

Wednesday, August 12th 2009 at 10:39pm

The Ducklings go to the country

The ducklings hatched in June. They got bigger and today we took them to the country.

Abby with the ducks in a box

Abby was there at the door when we arrived to take the ducks.

Ducks in their pen

She put them in their new pen.

Filling the ducky pool

She filled up a kiddy pool for them while Maggie and her grandma watched.

Closeup of the two ducks

The ducks are getting adjusted to a new home.

Koi pond by the duck pen

Next to their pen is a little pond with Koi swimming in it…

Maggie by the creek

…and behind their pen is a creek…

The pond

…which flows out of this pond…

The great wide open

…and when they are ready, they can go anywhere they want.

Wine and Star Trek

Maggie and I went home and watched some Star Trek.

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