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Paul Missal, Ty Ennis, Laini Taylor, and Jim Di Bartolo

Monday, October 19th 2009 at 8:27pm

Here are some recommendations for good stuff to check out.

Oregon Art Beat, a show on OPB television recently did a spot on one of my professors from PNCA, Paul Missal. He helped to teach me to paint in school and was my associate at Blackfish Gallery for five years. The program highlights his love of teaching. It made me nostalgic, check it out.

My friend Ty Ennis was also spotlighted during the same show. He talks about storytelling as a driving force in his drawings and introduces his solo show at the New American Art Union.

Also, I just read my friend Laini Taylor’s new book of young adult fiction, Lips Touch Three Times. She wrote it and her husband Jim Di Bartolo illustrated introductary preludes for each of the three short stories in the book. The drawings are set up in a wordless sequential comic book style, preceding and energizing the text of the stories. Each of the stories are distinct, but linked by their tone and their subject, kissing. They mix the creepiness of old fairy tales with a contemporary pop sensibility in a way that manages to be completely charming. It is now a finalist for the National Book Award. I am very proud of both of them.

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  1. Jim Di Bartolo said on Monday, November 2nd 2009 at 9:06am

    Thanks for the kind words and shout out Brandon. Much appreciated!

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